Prodigal Son

prodigal son

Blonde Ale Brown Ale Red Ale


Your sense of smell and taste are greeted with an effervescent bouquet of citrus and floral notes of a West Coast style IPA. As this delicious Nectar of the Gods dances onward, the delightful hoppy flavor meets the smooth and sweet creaminess of a Cream Ale. The finish is a marvelously well balanced flavor of citrusy hops and light, airy smoothness. Alas, a well-balanced, highly drinkable, hop forward ale.


A Spring, Summer, and Fall necessity. Enjoy the flora and fauna at your favorite outdoor drinking place. Soak up some Vitamin D, and let this beer keep you feeling refreshed and alive at all times.

food pairing

Grilled Beef dishes. Salads. Bacon. Chinese. Salty snacks.